Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is Linguisto?
    1. Linguisto is an easy to use, English learning app. It provides plenty of content for users to learn from, such as quizzes, podcasts, videos, and much more!
  2. How do I subscribe?
    1. You may click the subscribe button available on the portal. Do note that you can only subscribe to Linguisto through your mobile data.
  3. What comes with my subscription?
    1. Linguisto comes with super fun and exciting features that stimulate users’ brains! Features include podcasts, videos, quizzes, progress tracking, and conversation builders. These are all part of Linguisto’s vast library of quality content for you to enjoy.
  4. What devices are compatible to access this portal?
    1. It can be used on any mobile device with minimum OS such as iOS devices version 3.0+ or Android devices version 2.0+
  5. How do I terminate my subscription
    1. You can terminate your subscription by
  6. How much is a subscription to Linguisto?
    1. The price for this service will be
  7. Do I need an internet connection to use Linguisto?
    1. Yes
  8. Can I download content from Linguisto?
    1. Yes, content downloads are only applicable to games, videos, and podcasts.
  9. Help! How do I contact you for additional assistance?
    1. You may send us an email at
  10. Can I use Linguisto on multiple devices
    1. Yes, Linguisto can be used on Apple, Android and PC.